Rehearsal Dinner Pictures
Rehearsal Dinner Pictures
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The rehearsal

Sign of things to come

How come those kids look like the groom? l-r: Joe, Nilda, Mark, Laurie, and the Reverend

The groom's work crew. l-r: Frank, Emma, Dave, Steve, Christy

l-r: Cousin Cheryl, Uncle Eddie, Aunt Frankie

l-r: Aunt Franny, Aunt Jo, Uncle Bill, Cousin Cheryl

Danielle and Mark

The gym crew. l-r: Tim (back of head) , Gabrielle, Sean and Maria. Sean's eyes coordinate quite well with his hair.

"Look...I don't care whether you are going to be my mother-in-law or not..."

The smiling future bride...for now.

Andrea and Bruce.

That's an odd hat on Becky.

Uncle Buddy and Aunt Gloria in the background, Pop-Pop in the foreground.

Cousins Colleen and Larry

The groom's college crew. l-r: Diane (back of head) , Alan (top of head), Lauren (back of head), Miles, Rick (back of head), Rich, Linda

Another angle on the groom's work crew. Add Rich and Dave to the last picture.

As advertised, Generous George's is kid-friendly. l-r: Jessica, Linda, Jennifer

l-r: Cousin Larry, Cousin Colleen, Cousin Laura, Second Cousin Jacob, Cousin Wendy


Reverend Joe and the bride. Nilda on the left.

Aunt Linda and Cousin Laura.

The bride and the groom's mom.

The groom's mom and her friend Nick.

The gym crew again, adding Gail. You know, with the big race and class the next morning, those glasses on the table better all be water glasses.

All that planning for the wedding, and all everyone remembered were the great desserts at the rehearsal.