Wedding Day Pictures
Wedding Day Pictures
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The race participants the morning of the wedding (minus Dave). l-r: Frank, Gail, Chris, Michelle, Gabrielle, Bill, Sean, Maria, Lisa.

Sean about to cross the finish line. Geez, that lady doesn't look happy about it.

Gabrielle stretching it out to cross the finish line.

The groom about to cross the finish line and/or stroke out.

Lisa (in the purple baseball hat) in the chute after crossing the finish line.
If you'd like to see the results of the race, click here. Notice how our rag-tag team came in fourth out of over 15 teams, which included teams with the best runners from some large companies. (Bringing in ringers always helps!)

Bill leading the motley crew...notice the time on the clock...1 hour and 35 minutes before the wedding, which is 45 miles away! Note the garbage can in the middle of the room.

Finishing it up with a last set of frog jumps! Awwww, yeah!!!!

As you might expect, breakfast felt better going down that morning than it did coming back up.

The exterior of the Ashby Inn.

Breakfast at the inn the morning of the wedding.

The bride on her balcony.

This is why you should always lock the bathroom door.

The bride on the lawn before the ceremony.

The bride and her mom.

"Do I really have to go through with this?"

A view from the back lawn.

Another view from the back lawn.

The groom walking the last mile with his mom, followed by his brother and sister.

The bride's mom and Chris make their way across the lawn.

Stefanie, the bride's sister and maid of honor.

The vows.

A view of the entire crowd during the ceremony. Note Bob nodding off, second from the right in the back row.

First dance.

Andrea and Chris.

The best man and his lovely wife. He's probably dreading giving the toast...

Did those two goofs arrive together? l-r: Rick, Bob

If you have to ask.... l-r: Miles, Erin

All kinds of people that know the groom. l-r: Danielle, Mike, Kerry, Steve, Janet, Mike, Lisa

The bride's work crew. l-r: Mark, George, Dana, Gina, Ralph

Dave giving the toast.

Quick quiz: Which two people in this photo don't want their picture taken?

Diamond Alley was a great band.

A couple (well, actually, triple) that really knows how to dance.

Diane and Alan are two more people that can cut a serious slice of rug.

Note the groom desparate to get off the dance floor.

These people are professionals. Don't try this at home.

What are they putting in the drinks?

What the HELL??!!

Hans and Franz hit the floor.

Oh, man...I have a feeling the liquor bill's going to be really high.

Speaking of too many trips to the bar...

And now for the big finale...I don't like to pick favorites, but this is the best wedding gift we got. Just like in the cartoons, it pops the toast in the air.
Really...Iggy spent three days custom winding a spring to do this. (Note: Movie is 857K)