The Tragic Clown Visits Andrea and Bill

The Tragic Clown Visits Andrea and Bill

The Tragic Clown walks into our home, and stares at his portrait and weeps.

I try to comfort the Tragic Clown in the bathroom.

Getting fed up with the situation, I slap the Tragic Clown...

...and that just makes him more tragic.

After he keeps me up all night, I try a different tact. I try to entertain him, to no avail.

While I try to watch TV, he stands behind me and juggles pins...

...only to drop one on his head and see stars.

Andrea does her best to entertain the Tragic Clown while the blaring TV keeps me awake.

Andrea's juggling doesn't help. So, he releases a white dove...

...which immediately drops dead at his feet.

I can't even go to the bathroom without him looking at me accusingly.

I tried to outsmart him by hanging his portrait outside the house. He went outside and wept at it, but came right back in.

I knew the end was near when he made balloon animals for me in the bathroom while I took a shower.

Unable to rid us of the Tragic Clown (partially because I was unwilling to part with his portrait), I was forced to restart the game. With some help I've since gotten in a Sims chat room, I'll be prepared next time.