A Visit from Hurricane Isabel, 09/18/03

A Visit from Hurricane Isabel, 09/18/03

At approximately 10:00 p.m. on 9/18/03, the house shook violently, and it sounded like a really loud car crash. What had happened? This is what it looked like the next day.


It was an oak tree which had been about 70 feet tall. We would soon find out that, in addition to twenty holes in the roof, some parts of the roof crushed, a pulverized satellite dish, a smashed window and some water damage, it also came through the ceiling into the house in two places.


The part on the roof was about 45 feet, and the trunk had a six foot circumference where it broke. It was not a job for tree guys alone...it also required a 50-ton crane to actually lift it off the roof without doing further damage. The first picture here is a bit deceiving. Actually, all four of those front wheels are off the ground.


In addition to the two crane guys, there were a good eight tree guys working this thing. Some of the bigger pieces were cut and lifted off.


Those pieces that could be lifted by one man were tossed off the roof after they were cut.


Truly, the highlight was the guy picked up and lowered by the crane who strapped up the major piece so that it could be lifted off and dumped by the side of the house.


Well, that's it. Don't bother asking about free firewood. Our next door neighbor's sister has already claimed it.

ADDENDUM: The fun never stops. From February, 2004...another tree down due to the winter storms. On one of the sheds this time. A chainsaw and some minor roof patching solved the problem this time.